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2010 May 24

The next few posts come from a weekend trip to Washington, DC. Its hard to go from New York to DC and not notice the stark contrasts between the two cities. Both are major seats of the nation’s history. But if New York’s success comes from its chaos and spirit of inclusiveness, then DC’s comes from its sense of order and tradition. And nowhere is DC’s attitude more proudly displayed than in its architecture. Classical revival is the order of the day here, with columns, arches, domes, and marble sculpture everywhere. And all of it meticulously maintained and cleaned. One of the most beautiful examples of this style is Union Station, the first structure anyone arriving by rail sees. Inaugurated in 1908, it was design by the architect Daniel Burnham. The facade of the mammoth building stretches over 600 feet, and this covered walkway, known in classical architecture as the loggia, runs that entire distance.

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