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A Moment of Reflection

2010 May 28

As of today, this blog is one month old. And in one month, I’ve posted exactly 68 times – a little over twice a day. That might be some sign of how much I’m enjoying it.

But there’s more. My goal when I started was simple. I wanted to motivate myself to keep taking pictures. And to have a place to put them. I hoped that I might develop my eye as a photographer and an artist.

In these 30 days so much more has happened, however. I’ve started to see the world around me in such greater focus. The joy, the adventure, the sadness, the insanity. With every day, with every picture, I see more. And, hopefully, feel more.

What started out as an artistic journey has, in many ways, become a spiritual journey. Thanks for coming along. I hope you’ll stick with me and see what happens.

Thanks again to everyone who has posted comments so far. If you’ve been reading and haven’t yet, I hope you’ll join in soon.

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