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2010 June 4

I’ve been trying to avoid posting another subway image, at least for a while. If you’ve been following the blog, you know I get shutter happy down there. I can’t help it. But I couldn’t pass on this one. It might look like I went for a stroll on the tracks, but this was actually taken from a commonly used walkway in the 42nd Street Station, next to the Grand Central/Times Square Shuttle. At 0.8 miles, and with only two stops, it’s the shortest line in the system. However, when it opened in 1904, it was part of a longer line. At the Times Square end, the old track connections still exist, but are covered over by a pedestrian bridge, which is what I was standing on as I took this picture. The bridge can be lifted to allow trains to move between the lines, which apparently still happens at night.

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