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Roll Up Your Sleeves

2010 June 8

I have a small confession to make. I know it will shatter your faith in all things true and good, and probably make you seriously doubt the existence of Santa Claus, but I just have to come clean: I almost never post a picture the day I take it. You see, I shoot a lot of pictures in a day, and I need some time to edit them, color correct the ones the make the final cut, and then research and write the posts. So, most of the time, you see the pictures the next day. They’re still pretty fresh, but just not right out of the oven fresh.

Oh, it feels so good to finally be honest with you.

Yesterday, I had the day off, and the weather in New York City was about as perfect as weather gets. Lacking a plan, I just roamed. And wandered. And then meandered a little. I found my way over to the Hudson, then made my way uptown, eventually arriving at Columbus Circle. Then, over to the park (Central Park, of course.) I left the house with a full charge on the camera battery. By the time I got home it was stone dead. I shot 280 pictures, and a few more that I deleted on the spot. I tried editing this batch down to just three or four. But I just couldn’t.

So, here’s what I’m going to do: I managed to trim the final set down to 14. That means from now (I’m posting this at 8am) until 10pm tonight, I can post one picture an hour. And there are some amazing images in there, so keep checking back. Or just stop by tonight and see them all at once. And don’t worry. This is the most text I’ll write all day.

Image #1: As I continue to practice my “shoot from the hip” technique, I got ready to aim and fire as I approached this group of Con Ed workers. Obviously, I missed badly. I was about to delete the picture when I took another look. This picture doesn’t need faces. The story is all there in the body language. Or maybe just in the body. Either way, I love it!

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