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Endangered Species

2010 June 14

There was a time that you could find stores like this in any neighborhood of any city or town in this country. Bookstores, coffee shops, small groceries, and countless other local businesses formed the heart and soul of the community. Then came Starbucks. And Borders. And The Gap. And Whole Foods. And all the other giant corporate chains that slowly starved out the small businesses who couldn’t compete. As these businesses died, so did the character of our neighborhoods. Here in New York, we are lucky to still have some of these little shops left. But they are hanging on by a thread. Next time you need a book, find a place like this, Left Bank Books on 8th Avenue in the West Village, and help save our local businesses. For a thoughtful look at the buy-local movement, check out this article.

I have a backlog of great images from last week and the weekend. I’ll try to catch up throughout today and tomorrow, so check back often.

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