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2010 June 24

Finding interesting pictures to post from Los Angeles is, as I imagined it would be, a sizable challenge. New York, after all, is the city that inspired this blog, and never stops doing that day or night. Los Angeles¬†is a quiet place by comparison. But, what really makes it challenging here is the car culture. When I see something that catches my eye in New York, I simply stop and take a picture. When I’m driving through city traffic, that’s hard.

However, last night I had an opportunity to shoot New York style. My client, Troika Design Group, threw a party in the Wolfgang Puck restaurant, WP24, in the new Ritz Carlton Hotel downtown. So I took the subway from Hollywood (yes, LA has a subway) and did some shooting along the way. I’m actually really fond of downtown Los Angeles. It has some great architecture, museums, restaurants, and galleries. And its beginning to have a great urban pulse. Had I stayed in the city, I might’ve eventually ended up living here.

I’ll share some of these images over the next few posts. But, first, here’s the view from WP24. I rarely got the chance to see LA like this even when I lived here. And I love it.

Oh, and many thanks to Troika for an amazing party, and for being great hosts, as always, while I’m here.

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