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Dramatic Rescue

2010 July 9

There are things that happen in New York that feel familiar even though they shouldn’t. So many books, movies, and plays take place here that anyone would find the city familiar, even if it’s their first visit. For instance, it seems common in movies to see a large crowd gathering around firefighters trying to rescue some hapless victim. We’ve seen the scene a million times: the police struggle to keep the crowd a safe distance away. The crowd whispers to each other, wondering whats happened. And at the moment of success, applause and cheering break out and the victim is whisked away. I’ve never known this scene to actually play out anywhere, but when I found myself in the middle of it today, it seemed like I already knew my lines. My job was to play Annoying Guy with Camera. Yay for me.

From the whispers around me, I learned that an electrical worker was in some kind of accident underground. The only way the firefighters could get him to safety was to use their ladder truck as a crane, securing straps to the basket in order to lift him through an opening in the sidewalk. I’m sure the applause moment eventually happened, but decency intervened and I abandoned my role.

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