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Down to the Bones

2010 July 29

On my way down 44th Street, a half a block from Grand Central, I passed this parking garage entrance. The cobblestone driveway and old bricked ceiling caught my eye, so I snapped a picture. It wasn’t until later that I realized something strange. The building the driveway leads into is a gleaming glass and granite office building. Why would a modern skyscraper have a turn of the century driveway? A couple of Google searches revealed that this used to be the old Biltmore Hotel, built in 1913. In the early 80’s, it was stripped all the way down to its steel bones, and then reincarnated in its current form. And according to what I read, the old Biltmore clock is still in the lobby. You can be sure the next time I’m in the neighborhood I’ll be checking that out.

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