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Car Float

2010 August 6

New Yorkers know this busy west side restaurant and bar as the Frying Pan, though that name really only refers to one of the ships docked by the side of this car float. So what’s a car float? It’s a barge that has been permanently outfitted with tracks on its deck, for transporting railroad cars. They were once a common way to get trains between Manhattan and the mainland. This one is known as Pier 66 Maritime, and still has tracks leading to it and a little red caboose parked on its deck. As for the Frying Pan, it’s a lightship (think floating lighthouse) that was salvaged from the bottom of Chesapeake Bay to be preserved here. The other ship here is the John J. Harvey, a NYFD fireboat that was retired in 1994. Pier 66 is an amazing concentration of history and drunk people.

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