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The Cyclone

2010 August 10

The truth is I’m just not a roller coaster guy. I don’t like being turned upside down, I don’t enjoy the sensation of being near death, and I especially don’t like being made nauseous for the rest of the day. But even I went for a ride on the Cyclone, which some might say is especially brave considering it’s been in operation since June 26, 1927. At $8 a ride, and with next to no line, there was no reason not to try. A relatively compact classic wooden coaster, this baby packs an unexpected punch. And, yes, I admit it. I loved it.

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  1. Michael Grant permalink
    August 30, 2010

    A ride in 1927 (when it first opened) was 25¢, the equivalent of about $3.13 in today’s money. Still pretty steep, if you think about it. Of course, for $8 today you should be getting 3 rides! But then, assuredly, you would puke. It’s a strange roller coaster. Most of today’s roller coasters pack the most punch in that first downward plummet. The Cyclone loses most of its momentum on the large turns after its first drops, though. It then seems to pick up speed and thrills as it winds and bends its way through itself towards the second half and conclusion of the ride. It’s definitely a close-to-the-bone ride where you can imagine many a lost limb and some decapitations in its history…

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