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Summer Sunset

2010 September 4

As this summer, the hottest on record in New York City, draws to a close, I am both sad to see it go, and relieved that life will return to normal soon. It’s been an intense season, with constant sweltering temperatures and a packed travel schedule. I tried to experience my first east coast summer in the fullest way, with many beach weekends and fun filled getaways. And though the heat is not quite gone, and the travel not quite over, I feel like the party is drawing to a close. And while I’ll be probably be left with a nasty hangover in the morning, I’ll be smiling as I remember everything that happened. And, because now I can finally rest.

This picture is from the Fire Island ferry last Sunday. It was one of the most flawless weekends we’ve had, and so everyone waited until the last minute to return to the city.

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