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End of the Line

2010 September 6

And, now, the final series from the summer. Over the next few days I’ll share with you some images from a whirlwind Labor Day adventure. I’m not saying where; you have to discover that by following the posts. The trip begins on the Long Island Rail Road’s Montauk line on Saturday morning. This line feeds all of Long Island’s famous beach destinations, from Jones Beach, to Fire Island and the Hamptons, and finally, Montauk, the island’s easternmost point. In an abundance of caution, the LIRR essentially shut this line down on the previous day, to secure their facilities against damage from Hurricane Earl. Thankfully, Earl turned out to be a big dud, but thousands of New Yorkers were prevented from starting their long weekends early. So, this Saturday morning train was packed well past capacity. This shot is from the end of the line at Montauk.

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