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The Grip of Winter

2010 December 9

It’s slowly dawning on me that The Skopeo Project is facing a new and serious challenge. This blog was born last spring, amid the unbridled and exuberant enthusiasm of a newcomer to the city watching the season for the first time. Now, as the icy grip of winter gets a firm hold on Manhattan, that enthusiasm is beginning to hibernate. Where before I might walk slowly camera in hand awaiting an opportunity, I now rush, head down, hands stuffed deep in my warm pockets. My fellow New Yorkers are of no help either. They’re wrapped tightly in their own layers, thinking only about getting to their heated destinations.

But now that I’ve recognized the problem, I’m after solutions. Thin warm gloves that allow me to hit little buttons are on this weekend’s shopping list. My reluctance to wear hats, motivated by vanity alone, will have to be squashed. More indoor locales will have to be found. Stay tuned, the blog isn’t dead. Just adapting.

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