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Classic Dilemma

2011 July 13

Being at a place like Athens’ Acropolis raises a creative dilemma for me. There is so much about the place and its ancient structures that is moving and awe inspiring. Every perfectly chiseled column, every finely detailed sculpture, every neatly fitted stone makes me want to take a picture. But what are the odds that I’ll capture anything that millions of tourists before me failed to. Or that couldn’t be found in mountains of professional photography readily available online. If the point is to capture something unique, why even try.

A photographer friend from Australia recently came to visit New York and expressed the same frustration shooting in the city. He was constantly inspired by the chaos of Gotham, but also constantly frustrated that his images looked like so many he’d seen before.

The challenge for any artist, and really the core of this blog, is to learn to see what others have missed. To shine your light on something new, so that the world may glimpse it for the first time. Most will fail, of course. Ninety-nine percent of my posts here probably do. But each failure is an opportunity to learn.

So, over the next few posts I’ll share my attempts to see something new on the Acropolis. Maybe one or two will succeed.

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