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The Vendor in the Headlights

2011 October 13

A few days ago I posted a shot of the charming man in the bar who posed when he saw my camera. Well, here’s evidence that the usual reaction is not so positive. This street vendor is just figuring out that my lens is trained on him. Fortunately, he was not willing to abandon his wares to pursue me. Though it was pretty clear he wanted to.

Dynamic Duo

2011 October 13

Mom bravely checks for danger on 8th Avenue, while daughter diligently reviews the cereal ingredients. Actually, mom had just stopped to tie her shoe, but frozen in this position on her way up, she looks like the ultimate heroic mother.

A Window Through Time

2011 October 12

Two weeks ago the MTA’s Transit Museum held their 18th Annual Bus Festival. That’s when they march out their collection of historical buses from wherever they usually keep them. For one day a year all that gleaming chrome and polished teak is at the mercy of the sticky fingers of the Brooklyn masses. And their kids, too.

This couple is getting creative with a specimen from the 60’s.

Bar Room Portrait

2011 October 11

When strangers notice me waving my camera around, they usually move away or even ask me not to take their picture. That’s how I thought things were going to go when this guy asked me if I was taking his. I politely told him I wasn’t (I really wasn’t), and he responded, “Why not?!” So, we had a quick impromptu photo shoot at the bar, then he went back to his beverage. Tag this one “when drunks are cute.”

Urban Nave

2011 October 11

My new favorite New York centric website, The Gothamist, recently posted a series of vertigo inducing photos of the city. This shot, from over the High Line at 23rd Street, is my contribution to the genre.

Don’t understand the title of the image? Well, then you need to review your Gothic architecture lessons!

Couple Curbed

2011 October 10

Taking the new camera through its paces yesterday, I stole this wedding day moment in Columbus Circle. Photographer and couple are working hard to make their high concept wedding photo a reality. The specifics of that concept are anyone’s guess.

Bus Stop Scene

2011 October 10

A bus stop nestled under some scaffolding on 9th Avenue, between 54th and 55th Streets.

The Skopeo Project is back again after another long and regrettable absence. In order to revive it this time, I’ve decided to invest in a new camera. While I was excited about the professional features and quality of my Canon Powershot S95, it’s simply too complex to be able to take the kind of speedy and spontaneous shots that I really like getting on the street. So it’s back to Fuji, and their new F600EXR. It’s much faster to setup and to respond when I hit the shutter, which is critical when I get one chance to shoot a scene without getting beaten up.

It also does far better with low and available light, which is what I really need in city that gets so much more interesting at night.

The Acropolite

2011 July 14

Of course, I’m always distracted by the people in a place. This tour guide hides from the afternoon sun under her parasol, while she explains the finer points of the Parthenon to her little group. As it turns out, my unique way of shooting the Acropolis doesn’t really show the Acropolis at all.

Classic Dilemma

2011 July 13

Being at a place like Athens’ Acropolis raises a creative dilemma for me. There is so much about the place and its ancient structures that is moving and awe inspiring. Every perfectly chiseled column, every finely detailed sculpture, every neatly fitted stone makes me want to take a picture. But what are the odds that I’ll capture anything that millions of tourists before me failed to. Or that couldn’t be found in mountains of professional photography readily available online. If the point is to capture something unique, why even try.

A photographer friend from Australia recently came to visit New York and expressed the same frustration shooting in the city. He was constantly inspired by the chaos of Gotham, but also constantly frustrated that his images looked like so many he’d seen before.

The challenge for any artist, and really the core of this blog, is to learn to see what others have missed. To shine your light on something new, so that the world may glimpse it for the first time. Most will fail, of course. Ninety-nine percent of my posts here probably do. But each failure is an opportunity to learn.

So, over the next few posts I’ll share my attempts to see something new on the Acropolis. Maybe one or two will succeed.

Climbing The Mountain

2011 July 12

The blog has been quiet recently because I was on the vacation of a lifetime. After discovering that it was surprisingly affordable, a group of friends and I chartered a small sail boat and spent a week island hopping in the Cyclades. Over the next few days, I’ll share some images from the trip.

First, before we sailed, we spent a day in Athens. We were there at the same time as a few notable events. Riots, which I stayed away from, and the Special Olympics. Here, part of the volunteer delegation from Jamaica rests in front of the Parthenon.