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Master imagines a world in which artist “Uncle Jimmy” Clemens has just passed away, and his widow has hastily arranged a gallery show of as much of his work and artifacts as she can wrangle (most of which reflects an obsession with the character of Jim from Twain’s Huckleberry Finn.) She invites the guests to look around before giving her eulogy. Thus the task for the creative team was to create this gallery. Two “low fi” video loops were created and installed on 80’s video equipment: a stop motion reimagining of a famous scene from the book, and demos for three arcade style video games with Jim as the hero. (Click the descriptions to see the videos.)

The Foundry Theatre at The Irondale Theatre Center, Brooklyn, NY
Written by W. David Hancock
Directed by Taibi Magar
Artwork by Wardell Milan
Sound by Mikaal Sulaiman